Why us?

Our business style is pragmatic, flexible and reliable.
For more than 170 years.

We add value to the business in various ways:​

Long and close relation to the biggest PVA-fibre producer worldwide

  • We were the first to sell their STM-fibre to export markets in 1995
  • We organise independent testing of the fibre for standard verification
  • Own database of physical characteristics of the fibres since the year 1995
  • Good network on a personal level

Excellent overview about various PVA-fibre producers in Asia

This includes our regular visits and testing of their products. It keeps channels open to alternative sourcing to supplement our portfolio of fibres.

Accumulating sales volume from customer base for gaining discounts at producers

Ability to source PVA-fibre in times of tight supply

During scarcity 2007 we could still serve our customers, whereas other channels dried out quickly. Since 2018 the growing markets in North- and South America are fully served. Also in scarce situation in 2021 we could fully fulfil demands of our customers.

Detailed insight into fibre-cement market in Europe, Africa and the Americas

Technical know-how through long experience in selling 2nd-hand fibre-cement equipment